Orange Bud 10 Seeds


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Orange Bud 10 Seeds

Welcome to kushdispensary,   Orange Bud 10 Seeds  is hybrid with a slight Indica leaning. These cannabis seeds have such a tasty name for two reasons. First, bright orange hairs which cover the buds. And second is the fragrance. Sweet and strong, with significant hints of orange and citrus.

The seeds are a gift for growers who do not have much experience in cultivating weed seeds as they are not needy at all and don’t require any special treatment. If you want to buy Orange Bud seeds you may go to your local seed bank or you can use our website and buy them online!Orange Bud 10 Seeds

Orange Bud 10 Seeds Description  

As well as being an original cannabis cup winning variety, Orange Bud remains a classic Skunk that should be savored by any Skunk connoisseur orange-bud-. These cannabis seeds have been proven over several decades by thousands of growers and they remain one of the best-selling Dutch Passion strains. Expect superb quality home grown results when growing these feminized seeds.

Orange Bud is one of the original skunk seed varieties. She was discovered during an extensive Skunk selection grow-out from the early 80’s. The goal back then was to create one of the fruitiest varieties available without comprising either yield or quality. The strain quickly became one of the favorites on the menu of the coffee shops in the Netherlands. People loved the reliably strong smoke and great citrus skunk

Orange Bud, Power Plant and White Widow were 3 of the original corner stone strains which can still be found in many coffee shop across The Netherlands. Orange Bud achieved a legendary status for the orange-green buds with fiery orange hairs and aromas of ripe oranges and nectarines.

Orange Bud is a unique Skunk selection. She is a vigorous grower with strong stems and a consistent growth pattern. She is quite forgiving and can handle nutrients very well. This proven cannabis seed variety is easy enough for beginners to grow. During bloom she will stretch to approximately double her height. She is easy to manage and remains a customer favourite for ease of growth and bud quality. Good quality skunk cannabis seeds are easy and straightforward to cultivate, Orange Bud seeds are no exception to this


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