Our nanaimo bars (50MG) sale, a THC cannabis edibles  to get you going via the day. The Nanaimo bars online is a dessert item of Canada . It is a bar dessert that requires no baking and is named after the city of Nanaimo, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island. It consists of three layers: a wafer, nut, and coconut crumb base; custard in the middle; and a layer of chocolate ganache on top.

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I am from Nanaimo BC and we have Nanaimo bars online everywhere in this town. Of all of the Nanaimo Bar recipes I have tried, this recipe is the closest to what I have always known as the original Nanaimo Bar recipe.

I have used this recipe several times, and I’ve found that the butter in the bottom layer can be reduced to 6 tablespoons without altering the flavor at all. It makes them less greasy and less fattening. I have also used a quarter cup of butter plus a quarter cup of cream cheese in the filling. Another way to reduce calories. My bars were tasty asf but from marijuana nothing compared. These guys are Legends.

My husband’s exact words were ‘these are the best Naniamo bars I have ever had’, and I agree. They are not sicky-sweet like most I have had, but just right. I grew up with Nanaimo bars, and I have to say, these are better than my mom’s… sorry mom.


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