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70% Indica and 30 % Sativa marijuana. The strain is extremely powerful, with THC levels ranging 32-34% . CBD: 2.54%. CBN: 1.09%. It help in pain and anxiety



Moon Rock For Sale Online

Moon rock for sale online, drugs with extraordinary high quality such as our kushdispensaryonline .com Moon rock, also called “Kurupt’s,” is an infamous take on the classic Girl Scout Cookies strain, where the nugs are dip and then roll in kief. This process supercharges the effects of Moon Rock, giving it a THC level of about 21-26% in total, making it way too strong for inexperienced users. 

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One of the most powerful cannabis on the planet. They have taken an average cannabis bud and kick it into high gear with the hash oil and kief. The aroma is surprisingly mellow, with a spicy dank overtone that’s accented by sweet earth. Moon Rock buds are round and lumpy, coat in bright kief, and dripping with hash oil.

Moon Rock Marijuana Price In 2021

Buy moon rocks drugs, The high hits you hard after you toke, knocking you hard in the head with a cerebral rush that launches your mind into hazy bliss before leaving you completely stoned in mind and body. You’ll be utterly relaxed but totally euphoric as you slip away into a heavy couch-lock and sedation that can easily make users fall into a deep and peaceful sleep.
Because of these effects and its insanely high THC level, is said to be perfect for treating insomnia, appetite loss, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and cramps

This process leads the product to carry a 51.2% THC rating. In small doses, this is effective in pain reduction, stimulating appetite, and nausea reduction. The product also boasts a .15% CBD rating which can combat pain, anxiety, and other medical conditions.


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