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Welcome to  Mazar Weed Price is an amazing indica half breed that is quite viable in making a sofa lock you won’t before long neglect. This strain has solid cerebral impacts that will feel marginally entrancing and surprisingly hallucinogenic on occasion and is ensured to cause you to feel your generally happy and loose, from head to toe

Mazar Kush is an indica predominant strain that is getting out and about as another top pick. This outlandish mix was made by intersection two first-rate strains from the Afghanistan-Pakistani district, namely Mazar I Sharif and Afghani, bringing about a without a doubt unwinding and alleviating strain.

This specific variety times in at 80% indica, making it an ideal evening time smoke, as it can deliver you so loosened up that you may nod off. Mazar Kush is likewise known for being a powerful restorative strain, mending numerous infirmities like ongoing torment, just as a sleeping disorder.

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ORIGIN Mazar I Sharif blended in with Afghani indica

EFFECTS relaxed – 10

sluggish – 10

glad – 10

giggly – 9

hungry – 1

Unfavorable REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) dry mouth – 10

dry eyes – 4

restless – 3

tipsy – 3

migraine – 1

FRAGRANCE blueberry, hearty, hash, orange

FLAVORS pungent, hearty, fiery, home grown, nutty, sweet, skunky

MEDICAL pain – 10

sleep deprivation – 9

irritation – 8

stress – 7

queasiness – 6

Blooming TIME INDOORS 8-9 weeks

Blooming TIME OUTDOORS mid-October


THC CONTENT % 17%-20%

CBD % 1.00%



Open-air YIELD 15oz/plant

CLIMATE hot and radiant open-air environment

Development LEVEL easy

Protection from DISEASE resistant to basic shape and mold

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Mazar Kush is all that you might actually anticipate from a hefty indica. This preeminent mix does its foundations pleased, as it completely addresses the Afghani impacts allly. In the event that you are searching for something that will initiate utter unwinding from head to toe, then, at that point you have discovered it in this plant.

This strain will cause you to feel sluggish over the long haul, so assuming you need a little assistance nodding off around evening time, this mixture can assist you with trip division. Mazar Kush is additionally known for being an extraordinary shot in the arm smoke, permitting your state of mind to take off while you surrender to its delightful presence.

Mazar Kush can make you giggly, without recollecting why, so on the off chance that you have great organization around you who are prepared to partake in on the great energies, then, at that point this one is ideal for you. It can improve your craving a smidgen, making food more charming than expected.

Aroma Of Mazar Canabis Strain

Mazar Kush is fragrant and known for simply that. This bud conveys a solid blueberry and natural smell that will spread all through the room, making it difficult to cover up. You will see stuns of hash and orange in its aroma, blending great in with its different scents and bringing about a tantalizing blend.

Flavors Of Mazar Marijuana Strain

Mazar Kush is colorful even in it’s anything but, an enticing blend that will improve your range. This indica half breed will taste sharp and gritty on the breathe in, while on the breathe out you will see an unpredictable mix of fiery spices and pleasantness before it’s anything but a tacky and skunky persistent flavor on your tongue.

Unfriendly Reaction

Mazar Kush has some results because of its strength, however you will see that the most widely recognized ones will be an overall dry mouth sensation, just as dry and irritated eyes. In the event that you tend to feel somewhat restless when smoking an indica, then, at that point you are probably going to feel that while getting a charge out of this strain.

As it’s anything but an extremely amazing indica, you are probably going to likewise feel somewhat bleary eyed when smoking this strain, so be certain that there is no requirement for you to be working large equipment when smoking Mazar Kush. You may likewise wind up with a slight cerebral pain, particularly in the event that you have smoked this bud in higher portions.

Clinical Uses Of Mazar Weed Strain

Mazar Kush has some truly helpful restorative applications and demonstrates itself to be outstanding amongst other clinical indicas accessible today. This strain is particularly compelling in the therapy of persistent agony, and can decrease indications in difficult to treat conditions like constant spinal pains, Migraines , just as muscle fits.

On the off chance that you experience the ill effects of a sleeping disorder ,or essentially need a little consolation in nodding off, then, at that point Mazar Kush can do that for you. This strain will quiet the brain and moderate you down truly, making it simpler to sink into a cushion and nod off quicker, without turning to physician recommended medicine.

Mazar Kush can lessen aggravation too, which is the reason it’s anything but an incredible agony reliever. On the off chance that you experience the ill effects of constant pressure, you will discover this indica to be useful when attempting to loosen up, just as in attempting to battle any beginning of queasiness, reestablishing your hunger  to typical.

Developing And Growing Mazar Weed

Mazar Kush can be very simple to develop, as long as it is given the warm and radiant outside environment it is acquainted with. This extraordinary strain is impervious to most basic shape and mold and can develop into a medium measured plant with normal yields. Mazar Weed Price

Blossoming Time


Mazar Kush developed inside can yield  you a normal of around 13 ounces of bud for each square meter planted. This strain takes around 8 to 9 weeks to complete the process of blooming and be prepared for a collect. Mazar Weed Price


Mazar Kush developed outside can yield around 15 ounces of bud for each plant, and ought to be prepared for a collect around the center of October overall.

Have you at any point smoked or become your own Mazar Kush? Kindly let me understand your opinion on this weed strain in the remarks underneath.

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