Hawaiian x Skunk 10 Seeds


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Hawaiian x Skunk 10 Seeds

Welcome to  our kushdispensaryonline.com  our store is crossed with Hawaiian x Skunk 10 Seeds. This unique F1 hybrid grows generally tall with thick round leaves at first and thin leaves as it approaches maturity. The skunk crossing brings the harvest time down considerably without losing too much of the Hawaiian characteristics. Hawaiian x Skunk 10 Seeds produces relatively smooth smoke, exotic flavor, and a moderate to strong physical up high. Hawaii x Skunk 10 seeds is suitable for greenhouse cultivation as well. you can try different seeds  on our website kushdispensaryonline.com and find the most popular seeds.

Hawaiian x Skunk Seeds Description

Buying Hawaii x Skunk Regular seeds allows growers to cross breed or save seeds from this beautifully aromatic and sleep-inducing strain. Original Hawaiian strain crossed with Skunk  gives a plant which is short and sturdy. Ideal for outdoor growers and Hawaii skunk is very easy to grow. It will have very dense buds with wonderful red/orange pistons. The skunk smell is still there in abundance. A must for novelty lover, smoke it close your eyes and hear the waves brake on Honolulu beach!

Hawaii skunk makes you a very happy and joyful person all day long. Prepare for a relaxed giggly feeling. Want to order feminized seeds instead of our  seed ? you get to choose out of more than 120 different varieties of top quality cannabies seeds. And when you’re in search of tips and tricks on growing your first batch, we recommend you contact us through, mail our customer service. We’re more than happy to help.

This strain is for people who love the strong stuff, 17% THC content – so smoke with caution.In addition,  Hawaiian x Skunk Seeds is a heavy yielding strain that produces 700 grams per plant indoors (1,200 grams outdoors). It has a flowering period of 11 weeks (which means it’s only suited for outdoor growing at 40 degrees latitude or lower.)


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