GL 001 1g Weed Strain


minimum order for oils is 5 grams


GL 001 1g Weed Strain For Sale

Kush dispensary online GL 001 1g Weed Strain for sale with very excellent quality Dense, mildly sticky nugs. Grinds really well. Piney sent with a hint of citrus-fuel. Vaped on Magic Flight Box, 4 pulls on one trench. Citrus on the breath on the exhale.

Makes you cough, just a bit. Comes on really slow from the base of your neck around the spine to fill up the brain with goose down. Creeps in with a constant low/heavy flow, like a steady rise of ocean tide in an estuary. Then it settles into your upper body. Head becomes heavy, leaning to one side. Eyes and mouth tingle. Lungs feel a bit heavy.

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In order for there to be genetic stability within a marijuana strain, the breeder has to go through selection and breeding, pinpointing the dominant and recessive genes within the two strains being crossed. After analyzing offspring with the preferred traits a breeder is looking for, the breeder will select the preferred traits and continue to breed those offspring to create the desired final product.

Selection is a crucial process for a breeder to create a strain, especially if a client is looking for something with specific plant traits the breeder has to ensure that the hybrid’s genetic traits have been closed in enough so unwanted traits aren’t expressed in the future harvests. Buy GL 001 1g Marijuana for sale. If you are looking to have a relaxed and wonderful time over the weekend, this strain is what you need. Definitely good pain meds. Not too giggly, and seemingly really focused. Was able to do some PHP coding and set up a new website without too many distractions – even though my body feels stupid. Currently deep into my first hour and a half. Going to watch some TV and check back in later.


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