Chitral 10 Seeds


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Chitral 10 Seeds

Welcome to  our Chitral 10 Seeds from Cannabiogen is a pure Indica coming from Hindu Kush Pakistani. Chitral is famous for its hash, being one of the best of Pakistan. Since the mid-90’s, this line of Pakistan Chitral was selected, reproduced and naturalized in Spain for more than 5 generations by Cannabiogen, in order to set its best traits for making hash, also maintaining its genetic diversity. Chitral 10 Seeds.

The result is an explosion of flavors and aromas, in which we find two phenotypes: one red-violet and one green. The plants are hardy, fast-flowering, and they produce a large amount of resin with the Indica typical effect of the good hash. Chitral 10 Seeds

Chitral 10 Seeds Description

The green phenotype will be more potent and resinous, while the purple phenotype will come off a strong smell of berries, and a pot of colors, going from pink to dark purple and going through burgundy in the mid-flowering. This color phenotype is one of the most wonderful performances we can imagine from indica marijuana strains. The  Chitral is an indica that has a strong resistance to fungal pests and rain, and represents a very interesting Breeding tool, always giving high quality hybrids: its profile of terpenes, its colors and its adaptability are easily transmitted to new generations.This Indica strain has a structure with short internodal distance and well developed branches.The smell of  Chitral Kush is sweet, fruity and pungent. The green phenotype is caramelized with tones of very ripe peach, with an earthy background and “of hach”, while the red and violet phenotype smells like berries. The effect is fun and relaxing.This plant is suitable for growing outdoors in difficult conditions, such as cold, drought, heat and humidity. Chitral  is an excellent pure indica bred in the Iberian Peninsula since the middle 90’s. It has been picked and reproduced by Cannabiogen for more than 5 generations in order to keep a wide genetic diversity in the population. The result is an explosion of colors, tastes and scents with two main phenotypes: one green and another multi coloured.


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