California Orange 10 Seeds


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California Orange 10 Seeds

Welcome to our California Orange 10 seeds have a perfect 50\50 balance of indica and sativa. This marijuana is perfect both for medical and recreational purposes. If you are looking for a strain that won’t lock you to a couch and will help to focus, California Orange Bud is what you need. 

Created in North California, California Orange Bud seeds are not so easy to grow if you are a novice. However, if you decide to try cultivating these cannabis seeds indoors, you will be rewarded with nice yields of tight buds covered in resin. California Orange Bud seeds produce bushes that are not very tall and that can easily fit in any room. The aroma of this weed is fruity and bright, just like California’s sunsets. If you are eager to try growing this strain, buy California Orange Bud seeds by visiting our website.

California Orange Bud was originally developed as an outdoor cannabis strain in California. It appeared in Holland in the early 1980s where it was worked on further in order to make it suitable to be grown indoors and in the Dutch  scene. It is a 70% indica  plant which has a very noticeable and attractive sweet, citrus aroma and taste. In addition, at maturity the buds display a profusion of bright orange pistils which complements the flavor and underlines its name.California Orange 10 Seeds

California Orange Bud’s compact plants are easy to grow and give very good yields of primo bud. Flowering is very fast coming in at around 45 – 55 days and the results will please both new growers as well as more experienced veterans. With this strain there is no compromise to be made between quality and quantity.California Orange 10 Seeds.

This famous outdoor seed-strain from California was brought to Holland in the early Eighties and perfected for indoor and greenhouse growers. California Orange Bud is a plant with plenty of power and amazing zest in both taste and performance. Her citrus aroma is sweet in the flowering stage and delicious when smoked. Complementing her orange flavour are thick clumps of pistils growing over solid, resinous buds. When mature, they give the plants an overall colour that is more orange than green


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