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Purple Punch is another undisclosed cross from Wolf Genetics. As described by the grower, this strain expresses a unique smell of pungent lemon zest, butter, and hashy earth. The flavor is a mixture of pungent berries and lemon intermixed with a creamy, unctuous undertone. This plant grows fist-like flowers with a productive calyx-to-leaf ratio, leading to resinous buds that weigh heavy on the branches–so heavy that bracing or trellising may be needed to support the large colas. Purple Punch’s effects are creative and lucid, making it an excellent option at all times of the day.

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Buy Purple Punch Kush Kansas

Buy Purple Punch Kush Kansas. Welcome to , Buy Purple Punch Strain its is the shade of sovereignty, and this strain is one of the lords of indica mixtures. At the point when it’s an ideal opportunity to relax, one hit of this strain may be all you need. Purple Punch weed produces blueberry-grape seasoned buds that hit quick and hard, leaving your head and body feeling a prompt floaty high.

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
10% / 90% 21 ounces per square meter Up to 35-70 ounces per plant 50-60 days indoors, late October outdoors

Many love Purple Punch for its powerful loosening up impacts. Restorative uses incorporate doing combating restless evenings, assuaging pressure, battling sadness, and controling queasiness. The indica attributes are extraordinary. Hope to end up smoothly watching motion pictures until you nod off. It is additionally incredible for disregarding pain.  Buy Purple Punch Sale

The Purple Punch weed strain comes from an obscure raiser, yet it’s anything but a cross between Granddaddy Purple.

Information About the Purple Punch Strain

ORIGIN Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple
EFFECTS Leaves you feeling loose, relaxed, and floaty
FRAGRANCE Strong grape Kool-Aid scent with the hints of blueberry muffins and candy
FLAVORS Heavy grape flavor with the tartness of berries and a smooth blueberry muffin finish
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) Cottonmouth and dry eyes, intense sleepiness
MEDICAL Many users say this strain has helped with their anxiety, depression, or stress
THC CONTENT % 18% – 20%
CBD % 1%
INDICA/SATIVA % 90% / 10%
INDOOR YIELD 21 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD 35-70 ounces per plant
CLIMATE Cool, Hot & Temperate

Purple Punch Strain For Sale Louisiana

At the point when you first attempt Purple Punch weed, it hits you between the eyes. You’ll feel an underlying extraordinary mental incitement that will buzz from your sanctuaries down through the spine to your appendages, leaving you feeling free, loose, and floaty. THC levels are sensibly high, somewhere in the range of 18% and 20%, and CBD is up to 1%. Accordingly, the quieting impact is truly recognizable, and new clients can without much of a stretch nod off in the event that they endure an additional shot. Purchase Purple Punch Sale

This is a great strain for quite a long time on the sofa. Happiness begins delicate and gradually creates, making everything simpler and somewhat more interesting. The couchlock is extreme, yet munchies aren’t.


Purple Punch can send you back to your adolescence, with a solid grape Kool-Aid fragrance. There are additionally traces of blueberry biscuits and candy. It’s anything but a darling of a sweet strain. The terpene profile is substantial on caryophyllene, which is found in cloves, just as limonene and pinene.


The flavor profile follows the aroma. A vigorously grape flavor prevails, with the pungency of berries and a smooth blueberry biscuit finish. Pleasantness expands on the breathe out.

Antagonistic responses

After the normal cottonmouth and dry eyes, the greatest impact of Purple Punch is extreme tiredness. This is just normal, considering the strength of its indica legacy. The least difficult approach to keep an idea about that is to slide your way into the Purple Punch strain. Control yourself notwithstanding the heavenly flavor, and you’ll sort out the amount you can deal with without getting overpowered.

Clinical Uses Of Purple Punch Kush

Couchlock, pressure decrease, and unwinding are altogether unfathomably supportive for some conditions, and Purple Punch Indica does well with this.  Many clients say this strain has assisted with their tension, discouragement, or stress. It’s anything but a center hefty strain, which can permit individuals with OCD or restless contemplations to give up for some time. It’s likewise routinely refered to as assisting individuals with misery fail to remember their concerns for a while.Buy Purple Punch Sale

The high measure of caryophyllene in the terpene profile of this strain prompts mitigating impacts, which can profit conditions like constant agony or joint inflammation. It likewise assists with momentary issues like injuries or sinus migraines.

At last, the exceptional narcotic impact makes this an incredible strain for sleep deprived people. The profound, simple rest in the wake of attempting some Purple Punch makes numerous individuals’ lives a lot simpler. The strain’s capacity to quiet dashing considerations helps similarly as much as the body high.


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