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Similar to its name, this strain is a powerful hodge-podge of effects, aromas, and has a mysterious lineage. It can ease insomnia symptoms, making it possible for users to catch up on sleep. It is also used to address issues with inflammation and pain. Users also love this strain’s fruity tropical elements and its potent THC level of 23%.



Common usage

Chronic pain


Body high/numbing

Growing info

This strain grows from clippings indoors and outdoors. Harvesting can begin after 8 weeks.

There is a myriad of different marijuana strains available in the market these days – most of the time, these different strains are all clearly labeled and understood.

While it used to be that you would likely be picking almost at random, we now know pretty much everything there is to know about all of the thousands of different marijuana strains you can find at the dispensary.

However, there are still a few strains that remain a bit of a mystery; strains that, somehow, for whatever reason, are completely unknown to us, at least with regard to their genetics.

The Frankenstein strain is one such strain – and that, while popular, powerful and exceedingly enjoyable, is still a confusing mess of origins, all muddled together like its namesake until, eventually, we end up with this incredible hodge-podge strain.

Let us take a look at the Frankenstein strain and discover just what it is all about, plus maybe uncover a few hints about its origins. Buy Frankenstein Marijuana Online

 Frankenstein Strain For Sale

The Frankenstein strain of weed is an indica-dominant hybrid that is well known for its full impact aroma and flavor, as well as its instantaneous, almost overpowering effects.

The gothic horror story Frankenstein refers to a monster created using various different pieces of different bodies, all in an effort to make a subservient, larger than life living being. The Frankenstein strain is thus very aptly named, as its growing history is as varied as its high is long-lasting.

Though we aren’t 100% sure of its precise parentage, it is likely that it is somehow related to, along with a myriad of other West Coast strains, as well as possibly even

However, this confusing list of parents isn’t the only reason it is considered a bit of a crazy experiment – it is also one of the strongest strains on the market, with THC levels reaching towards 28%.

The Frankenstein high itself is surprisingly fast-acting, inducing a potent sensation of relaxation and general calm almost immediately. You will feel your limbs begin to get weighty and difficult to move, as well as a mounting desire to take deep, calm breaths as the high deepens.

Instead of any kind of deep, cerebral intensity, you will instead feel as though your brain has turned to mush, resulting in a profoundly strange sensation that feels as though you might be floating alongside yourself. Buy Frankenstein Marijuana Online

However, the really interesting quality of the Frankenstein high is that, while it does melt your brain and cause you to babble seemingly at random, it doesn’t completely obliterate your mental acuity. Despite how you might immediately feel, your brain will still remain decently sharp, enabling you to focus on all manner of mental tasks, both creative and conversational.

This makes the Frankenstein strain a surprisingly good choice for those who want to enjoy themselves in the company of others, or just still be able to work on tasks around them without feeling too tired.

It is a strange sensation, feeling completely destroyed mentally, yet still completely able to form coherent thoughts – a rather fitting feeling considering the monstrous name that this strain possesses.

Additionally, towards the end of the high, especially if you have imbibed a larger than normal dose of it, you can start to notice feelings of intense tiredness, making this a great strain to take towards the end of the day just when you want to begin winding down and getting ready to go to sleep.

What about its flavor and aroma, however? Does it have an enjoyable flavor profile to go along with its intense effects?


The initial aroma of the Frankenstein marijuana strain is one of intense skunkiness, which is one of the reasons why many claim that this strain has a firm root in OG Kush.

This pungent aroma is also backed up by wafts of fresh pine needles, as well as just a little hint of turpentine, making it smell very much like a very funky pine tree.

Once you crack open the buds properly for grinding, you will notice the occasional waft of pleasant citrus fruits, as well as an alluring aroma of spiciness; like a fresh market stand selling spices from the Orient.

What about how it actually tastes?


Once you start properly smoking Frankenstein, the initial flavor on the tongue is pretty similar to its aroma; only the citrus elements are amplified, creating this intensely lemon flavor that has an interesting quality of spice once you breathe out.



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