Asian Woo Strain


This sativa hybrid is one of the most popular strains from the 1970’s and its bold name makes it hard to forget. This heavy bud creeps up on you providing a monster body buzz and uplifting head high. ATF lasts a long time and the intensity seems to progress with time. This full bodied hybrid is a cross between Haze, Northern Lights, Skunk and Highland Oaxaca Gold.


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Buy Asian Woo Stain For Sale. Asian Woo Strain has numerous of your favorite weeds. Close your eyes and imagine far-off beaches, long-lost temples, and food so good you’ll never want to eat anything else – that’s one way to fantasize about Asia. Or you could try this incredibly rare and exciting strain and it could be all the dream you need. Asian woo was long rumored to have gone extinct due to a super secretive breeder and super-secretive genetics, but thanks to some very determined fans of this dying breed, you can all rest assured that she does still exist.

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Buy Asian Woo Fron What has been determined, despite not having any confirmation of parentage, is that this is a strong sativa with a wide-ranging THC average between 17% and 24%. Though you could surmise that the name “Asian woo” comes from its mysteriousness, it’s more likely that the large, curly buds enveloped in deep red hairs and native Asian roots might have something to do with it. These beautiful nugs are sweet and tart with aromas of spice and lemon. The overall appearance is said to be similar to a lobster claw, making it more than just a dank bud, but a sight to see. Cheap Asian Woo For Sale

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The high is considered trippy and meditative yet invigorating. You’ll feel an immediate upsurge in creativity and mood, giving you tingles throughout your body that start in your head and works their way to your limbs. The warmth will spread to your core as your body starts to completely relax, however at this phase it is not uncommon to become aroused. If you are easily persuaded, this strain is a great aphrodisiac. The intensity of the strain comes in waves and is highly psychoactive, so this is not recommended for those who are susceptible to paranoia or hallucinations.

Asian Woo Strain For Sale

Asian woo isn’t just a fever dream of twisting and turning psychedelic effects, it is also utterly relaxing and ideal for the treatment of certain conditions. Because of the uplifting nature of this strain, you’ll find it good for mood and mental health disorders such as depression, chronic stress, and mild cases of bipolar disorder. It isn’t recommended for those who suffer from PTSD or anxiety as the psychoactive effects can agitate those conditions. As it has relatively strong sedative effects on the body, nausea, pain, and muscle spasms can also benefit from this strain. We have excellent Asian Woo for you to use as Medication or for recreational purposes. Cheap Asian Woo For Sale


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