818 Headband Weed


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Buy 818 Headband Weed Online

Buy 818 Headband Weed Online.  Otherwise called sharp Og, is a half and half that is credited to the reproducers at The Cali Connection. Made from 2 unbelievable strains – the first harsh diesel and SFV Og Kush  it offers even hereditary qualities, yet prevalently indica impacts. Buy 818 Headband Weed Online

Where To Buy 818 Headband Weed Online

818 Headband moves quickly to welcome on full-body unwinding and a straightforward psyche. While it’s anything but a solid narcotic, it doesn’t immobilize with an overwhelming stone. Profoundly compelling at decrease pressure, nervousness and less significantly misery, it is used to help oversee manifestations of PTSD, social tension, and constant torment. 818 Headband has likewise been accounted for to welcome on some mean munchies, so patients who try to reestablish a solid craving track down this a feasible choice. At long last, while the experience of this strain may start with a cerebral buzz, most clients are enticed with shutting their eyes inside an hour of utilization.

818 Headband Weed For Sale 2021

The buds are round, enormous, thick, and tacky with huge trichome precious stones and long and unmistakable orange hairs. A solid diesel smell can be recognized even some distance away. After looking into it further, a perplexing mixture of sweet and fruity connotations can be identified, with notes of lemon and pine being generally conspicuous. Cultivators love 818 Headband since it is quick blossoming (65-75 days) and consistently achieves an exceptionally enormous yield.  818 Headband Weed

A previous cup champ, 818 Headband won first spot in the Hybrid classification at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup held in Detroit, Michigan.

Constructive outcomes






Health advantages Of 818 Headband Weed

Decrease Stress

Help Depression

Mitigate Pain

Decrease Fatigue

Lessen Headaches

Adverse consequences

Dry Eyes

Dry Mouth

Dazedness ,Headache


The smoke is very charming and furthermore smooth and velvety. Smokers can taste kinds of lemons and diesel. The impacts are durable and go about as an incredible panacea for relief from discomfort. This mixture offers unwinding just as battles feelings of anxiety. Smokers have revealed a limited quantity of pressing factor around the space of the crown of the head which is much the same as wearing a headband. The impacts please gradually yet are hard-hitting.

One can feel glad and euphoric just as loose and elevated in the wake of smoking this weed. An elevating cerebral high can be capable. The 818 Headband is said to manage pressure, tension, despondency, a sleeping disorder, and agony. Results like dry mouth, dry eyes, jumpy sentiments alongside dazedness and cerebral pains can be felt.818


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