Buddha Seeds For Sale


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Buddha Seeds For Sale

Buddha Seeds For Sale works on the stabilization and improvement of cannabis genetics and especially bases its efforts on the production of the best auto flowering. 

Caring above all the quality and not the quantity Buddha seeds has become in a very short time a benchmark worldwide.

Each of our varieties is worked with great effort and      dedication, to offer a different and innovative result, capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding cultivator.

In Buddha seeds we look for specific varieties for the creation of crosses, with special characteristics of each one of these trying to fix from one generation to another the frequency of genes that have the best phenotypic expressions.

What really makes Big Big Buddha Seeds stand out from the crowd is our vast experience when it comes to genetics. We breed, develop & improve our genetics every year to make sure that the your experience when purchasing Big Buddha Seeds products is first rate.

Big Buddha developed the ‘Big Buddha Cheese’ seed way back in 2002 and is recognized throughout the world as the creator of the Cheese seed. ‘Say Cheese’ Baby.

A renowned seed producer at the forefront of the cannabis revolution for Europe and the rest of the world, has become a byword for quality among experienced and discerning growers worldwide.

These auto flowering strain specialists are known for being among the first to bring auto flowering strains to the masses, following in pioneering footsteps.

They produce relatively fewer strains of these dwarf pot varieties, but have a great reputation for stable growing and reliable harvests due to the focus being on quality over quantity. Their hybridization projects are also well respected, known to cleverly use the special characteristics of each strain to to fix the phenotype they desire from generation to generation. If you’re looking for autoflowing marijuana seeds to grow plants with great taste, yield and potency then Seed Supreme Seed Bank can offer the full range of Buddha Seeds strains


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